Monday, April 7, 2014

Article of Faith Song Videos

Instructional videos for the Article of Faith songs have been added to each of the songs!

Click on the link on the right side of the page to the Article of Faith songs and then scroll to which ever song you want to see. The instructions are always first, followed by a copy of the music, and then the video. Hope these help you to understand the instructions for the movement.

Friday, February 21, 2014

13th Article of Faith Song

This article of faith is so beautiful and poetic.  We want the movement to enhance the message so we are going to choreograph this one in style!

Beginning:  Have the children start by standing with the feet apart and hands at their side.  They sing the first phrase in this position.

Action Part 1:  Walking up the Wall:  Then as they begin to sing the words "Honest, True, Chaste, Benevolent, Virtuous"  they will "walk" their hands upward in front of them. So start with "honest" and extend right hand in front at waist height. Then on "true" the left hands joins, only a little higher. The right hand on "chaste" is again higher, left hand on "benevolent" and finally on "Virtuous" both hands are extended straight up.

Now both hands forming fists, elbows bent, the arms jerk downward as the children say "Yes".

Action Part 2:  The Disco Dance:  Then we are doing a rolling of the hands to the beat while hands and body move first to the right and then to the left in "disco" style while singing the song.

At the words "We believe all things" the Action Part 1 repeats: Walking Up the Wall. Right hand out in front "We believe all things". Left hand: "We hope all things". Right hand: "We have endured many things".  Finally both hands are up high on the long note for Hope. Then we walk our hands downward as we sing "to be able to endure all things." (five walking steps downward)

Action Part 2:  The Disco Dance repeats now as we sing "If there is anything virtuous, lovely or of good". . . Then on the words "report or praiseworthy" where we have a fermata (hold) we roll our hands in front of us quickly. Then resume the disco dance through the end of the song. End with a little jump right hand extended backwards and left hand extended forwards.

Senior Primary can learn this easily.  Jr. Primary  - teach a little bit each week until they have it.

12th Article of Faith Song

This song is a march!  It has to be to fit with the patriotic theme of this article of faith.

The actions are like this:

We believe in being subject to kings - Marching following by three imaginary "beats of the drums" while singing "boom, boom, boom" along with the piano part.

Presidents,rulers, and magistrates - Marching

In obeying, obeying - Divide into sections A and B again.  The A section sings first while freezing in a "saluting pose" while the B section keeps marching.  The B sections now sings the echo "obeying" while also freezing in "saluting pose"  (A section continues to be frozen)

Honoring - marching resumes

And sustaining, sustaining - same action as "in obeying"

the law.  Stay frozen and end with two imaginary beats of the drum "boom, boom"!

After the kids know the song well, I would line them up and I would be the leader - The Drum Major.  (I may even want a hat and baton to lead my group around).  Our room is small so I would have them follow me right out the front door of the primary room and down the hall and into the back door of the primary room.  There is no one we would really disturb by doing this.  Don't forget that when you are marching in a line EVERYONE needs to stop moving forward when you sing the "obeying" and "sustaining" sections of the song!

11th Article of Faith Song

This is our only song that is in 3/4 time - having three beats per measure so we will just have some fun with triple time.

The song is easy to learn.  It has a quiet quality and needs to sung with a lovely singing voice.  The last note needs to be held while the piano plays a short ending.

Teach the song with a simple beat pattern of both hands touching lap following by two claps of the hands. Cue this as Down Clap Clap.  Emphasize that the first action is the strong beat while the clapping is the weak beat.  They should FEEL that strong beat so make it a loud clap on the lap followed by two softer claps of the hands.

As soon as you can hear and feel that Strong Weak Weak beat of the movement add the song.  End by doing Down Clap Clap Down

Only doing what I did above will entertain the children for a couple of minutes.  It is much too easy once they can do it.  So the fun part of this song is to see how many triple beat patterns the children can invent that will go with this song.  And then let the children take turns leading the movement while everyone sings.

Some examples:  Stomp foot, clap, clap;  Clap, touch head, touch head;  Clap, jump, jump

You want to let the children be as creative as they can without being irreverent and just plain silly.

10th Article of Faith Song

This is one of the more difficult songs.  So we are going to make it a lot of fun!  Don't forget to help them understand what the words mean.

We know that movement makes it a lot more fun and helps to learn the words.  Isn't it funny that you give them MORE to learn, and it makes it EASIER!

I would start by teaching first the two most difficult parts.

1.  Start with the duet where one group sings "That Zion" and holds that last note while the other group sings "the New Jerusalem".  Then the same with "will be built upon" which is held while the second group sings "the American continent".  Make a game of it.  Change parts.  Let the first group freeze while they sing their long notes while group two dances or claps while they sing theirs.

2.  Then teach the final phrase:  "its paradisiacal glory".  Teach them what the word means and then chant it.  Clap it.  Stamp it with your feet.  Repeat the word paradisiacal over and over until there is no question but what they get it!

Now you are ready to teach the song with the movement.  This song needs to move.  It is in cut time but needs to be felt as if there were two beats per measure.

SENIOR PRIMARY:  For these kids the song will be done with partners - standing in a circle. The partners are facing each other one facing inward and the other outward.

The movement has four actions.  1.  Clap legs 2.  Clap your own hands  3.  Clap partners two hands  4.  Clap your own hands.  I would cue it as Down Clap Partner Clap.

Using this action sing the whole song.  Practice until the children can sing and clap the pattern without thinking.

Now change the Zion section to this:  The partner on the outside raises hands high above head and freezes as they sing "That Zion" while the inside person claps the rhythm of the words and sings "the New Jerusalem".  Then outside person brings hands down and pushed them right back up on "will be built upon" while the inside person claps the rhythm of the words and sings  "the American continent".

Then the original pattern resumes on the word "Christ" and continues to the end of the song.  They will end with "Down Clap" on the final word "glory".  It would be fun to make that last clap loud!

Now the inside circle moves one person to their right and everyone has a new partner.

JUNIOR PRIMARY:  The older class in Junior Primary may be able to do the same movement as Senior Primary but your little guys won't be able to do that.  So I would just use this pattern for the whole Jr. Primary:  Clap their own hands twice.  Clap their partner's hands twice. I would then do this pattern with a song they children know very well.  This would work well with the song "Fun to Do".  Teach this while the children are in their seats looking at you so you are actually clapping your own hands twice and then touching the air twice "pretending to be touching your hands" :)

The first week I would make a game of this.  Get the kids in a circle with the partners facing each other and sing "Fun to Do" while doing this action.  "Clapping our hands is fun to do, fun to do, to do, to do.  Clapping our hands is fun to do. To do, to do, to do."  Now the inside circle moves one person to their right and everyone has a new partner.  Begin again.  Make sure you are doing this with a nice fast tempo and you can even speed up if they are getting it and challenge them more.

Week two teach get into the circle formation and repeat what you learned last week.  Now tell the kids they are going to do the same thing with their hands while you sing them the new article of Faith song.  Then ask everyone to sing also with you as they clap their hands.  This is a time when the teachers and leaders can really be a help to you.

Week three review the clapping with the article of faith song and then teach them to do the Zion section the same as you did with senior Primary.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

9th Article of Faith Song

This song has only two actions which can be taught to the children before you teach the song.  The first action is a clapping on the off beat.  To do this the hands move outward on the beat and then clap on the off beat.  I tell the kids they have to feel the beat by "hitting the air" as their hands go outward.  Then the clap has a softer feel than the outward movement.  Cue this by saying "Out clap, out clap, etc" while the music plays so they can feel this movement with the beat of the song.

Action number two is a simple rolling of the hands to the right and then to the left in front of the body. You feel the beat of this movement as you step on the foot in the direction you are rolling the hands.  As you model this for the children they will easily pick it up.

So now you alternated those two actions with each musical phrase.

Action 1 - We believe all that God has revealed.
Action 2 - all that He does not reveal and we believe that
Action 1 - He will yet reveal many great and important things
Action 2 - pertaining to the kingdom of God.

Once the kids can do the actions then sing the song with them as they do the movement.  Then invite them to sing along.

At this point you can add a simple addition to make it even more fun.  On action 2 they can turn around in a full circle as they roll their hands.

Note:  even though these are hand actions the whole body really need to get into the feel of the song.  I find that I am just bouncing as I do this.  The more fun the movement is, the easier it will be for the children to learn the song!

8th Article of Faith Song

1.  This song begins with the children all standing in a very formal choir stance, hands joined in front of them, fingers interlaced, hands tight against chest, with elbows out to the sides. In this position they sing "We believe the Bible to be the word of God".

2.  As you sing the next phrase "as far as it is translated correctly" you lean forward as if you had something very special you needed to say.  Using your pointer finger you wave that finger on the phrases "far, la, rect, ly".  

3.  Now the fun begins.  With knees bent and hands down beside them the whole body bounces to the beat while singing "We also believe the Book of Mormon" and then hands swoop downward and as the music moves upward on the next phrase the hands reach up high "to be the word of God".

4.  Now hands are in the air and first the right hand bounces upward and then the left, etc as you sing "Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah".  End with both hands shaking as they move downward as the music also moves downward on "It is the word of God!"  I like to add a feeling of finality by having the hands clap against the legs right after the word "God".  So it would sound like "It is the word of God. Clap".